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Harmonica Dictionary

Worth knowing about harmonicas and their playing techniques 

(by Uwe Ballhorn and Matthias Kay) 

The contents explained here do not claim to be complete. We always strive to improve the glossary and to complete. Some of these models are no longer available in stores. They are listed here because they are known to the experienced player and make sense for explanations. We are particularly grateful for any hints (also about mistakes made), additions and other information about harmonica. Just write me an e-mail.

1.           History of the harmonica 


2.           Structure of the harmonica

2.1.        Body/Comb
2.2.        Reed Plates
2.3.        Reeds and Valves
2.4.        Cover Plates
2.5         The Heart of the Harmonica: The Core Oktave


3.           The different Designs

3.1.        Beginner-Models
3.2.        Chromatic Harmonicas
3.3.        Viennese Tunings
3.3.1.     Tremolo Harmonicas
3.3.2.     Octav Harmonicas
3.3.3.     Halbwiener
3.3.4.     Wender und Kreuzwender
3.4.        Knittlinger Modelle
3.5.        Richter Harmonikas (Blues Harps)
3.5.1      Sondermodelle der Richter-Harmonika  SBS (Steve Baker Special)  Country Stimmung  Moll Stimmungen  Paddy Richter Tuning  Chromatic Koch und Slide Harp
3.6.        Orchester / Ensemble - Modelle
3.6.1.      Bass-Mundharmonikas
3.6.2.      Akkord-Mundharmonikas 


4.            Spieltechniken

4.1.         Melodiespiel
4.1.1.      "Pfeifmund" - Ansatz (Lipping)
4.1.2.      "Zungen" - Ansatz (Tongue-Blocking)
4.2.         Akkordbegleitung
4.3.         Kombination von Zungenblocken (Tongue Blocking) und Akkordbegleitung
4.4.         Cross-Harp-Spiel und Bending (Zieh- und Blas-Bending)
4.5.         Overblow / Overdraw
4.6.         Effekt-Techniken
4.6.1.      Vibrato   Handvibrato   Kehlkopfvibrato   Zwerchfellvibrato
4.6.2.      Tremolo 


5.            Theoretische Erläuterungen und Tabellen

5.1.         Welche Harp für welche Tonart - Die "Positionen"
5.2.         Tonübersicht diatonischer Blues Mundharmonikas (in allen 12 Tonarten) 


6.             Link-Sammlung 
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