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Service on sale

Payment methods in the shop

In addition to the usual cash payment are card payments

- from 10 € minimum amount -

possible with the following cards:

Purchase of a harmonica


Each harmonica is shown on sale at the bellows - the direct, personal reference is unfortunately not possible for reasons of hygiene.

Personal adjustments can be made on-site by us.

When buying a guitar


Any guitar in the shop is adjusted to your personal needs when you buy it - adjusting the string position is a key factor in the feel to your instrument.

It is not only adjustable for electric guitars, but also for classical guitars and Acoustic guitars!


In addition to the adjustment of the action, we also offer the immediate attachment of a belt button or stringing high quality strings - for the material price only - on.

When buying a childrens guitar


Children's guitars are often played by the children for a certain amount of time - after all, they eventually grow and then they need a bigger instrument. Or parents worry if the desire to learn to play the guitar is not just a "whim".

The most frequently voiced concerns of parents are:

"I do not know how long he / she does that!"


"I do not want to spend that much money in the beginning."


Of course, these concerns are understandable. Your child will certainly have more fun with an instrument that meets at least a good standard of sound and workmanship.

With us you can trade in used children's guitars - or even when giving up the hobby to sell us. You will receive further information by phone or in the shop.

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